So it’s no surprise to me to see my own clan has been bitten by the bargain bug. On our way to the movies last week, my teen asked for my go-to thrift-shopping spots. I was ashamed to say I had not really had the time of late to go searching for new spots. But I promised I’d poll some trusty thrifter friends to find out the hot spots.

“Favorite thrift-shop spots: La Mesa Goodwill and Veterans Thrift in Spring Valley,” explained David, an intrepid hunter of second-hand brand-name goodies. “The Goodwill [8250 La Mesa Boulevard] has the best finds, from Gucci to Hugo Boss to Nike. My most memorable buy was from the La Mesa Goodwill — a Hugo Boss polo for $12.99 and a Nautica windbreaker for $18. The Goodwill also offers a 10 percent off discount for students. …  I’ve thrifted in Hillcrest. I found a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey in mint condition at the Hillcrest Goodwill [1219 University Avenue] for $15.

My retro-stylish pal Kathy agreed with David about the La Mesa Goodwill. “It’s small and not as overwhelming to look through as some thrift shops. It’s fairly well organized, and most items are in good to very good condition….”


above: Interior of the Hillcrest Goodwill

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