Your Favorite Imperial Beach Store is New Again!

4 February 2019

Your Favorite Imperial Beach Store is New Again!

If you’ve been to our Imperial Beach Retail Store recently, you may have noticed some changes. That’s because this location just completed an extensive renovation. On January 16, a line of customers wrapped around the building for the new store’s celebration, everyone was excited about the new shopping experience and we know you will love it too.

With 2,200 square feet of additional retail floor space there is more room for more treasure. Brands you love, items you never thought you could afford, and much more awaits you.

Here’s your thrifting tip for our Imperial Beach location: Look in the glass cases, they often have valuable merchandise. Find popular gaming systems, expensive kitchenware, brand name items, and many more hidden gems behind the glass doors.



It is not just the additional floor space and quality items that you’ll enjoy. You will like that your purchases Make Good Happen in our community. While you are checking your thrift haul out at the register, someone across town is receiving the help they need because of you. The brand name shirt you just bought, helped someone apply for their first job.

We hope to see you at our upcoming Hillcrest new store celebration on February 6 and would love to hear your input on how you like Making Good Happen in San Diego.




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