Summer is upon us, which means many students have recently graduated and are joining the workforce. Transitioning students join thousands of others who are looking for a job in San Diego County. Sometimes, this transition can be challenging and confusing. Fortunately, helping San Diegans find work is Goodwill’s passion. We make sure job seekers have the most up to date résumé (including all of their transferrable skills), and work with them to refine their soft skills (communication, conflict resolution, and customer service). Most importantly, we connect them to employers and offer encouragement.

Collaboration is one of Goodwill San Diego’s core values. Collaborating with San Diego County employers is critical to our success. We connect the job seeker to a job AND we stay connected to the employee and employer, continuing to provide support services.

Do you know a transitioning student or someone out of work that could use a hand up? Are you an employer looking for workers and need some support?

Goodwill San Diego is here to help! Job Seekers: Go to to find the nearest Community Employment Center.
Employers: Contact Patti Stanford, Workforce Development Manager at



Together, we Make Good Happen!

Toni Giffin

President and Chief Executive Officer

Core Values: Credibility • Creativity • Collaboration




On June 7, we opened our newest Oceanside Goodwill Retail Store in the Tri-City Crossroads Shopping Center. We had an amazing opening day! Thank you to all of our loyal donors and shoppers who support us every day.

To improve efficiencies and provide our customers with a better retail experience we moved to a larger space in the same center. The new space is nearly double in size; this enlargement will hold more product and draw new customers. Our focus is to improve our processing system and move merchandise to the floor quicker. In order to address energy efficiency we installed LED lighting throughout the store.

We are very excited to announce this move and are grateful to the community for supporting our mission.


Chuck E. Cheese is one of our collaborators and a well-known community employer who provides family entertainment centers and restaurants. They look to our Employment Services Program representatives to supply qualified candidates for their job openings. They recently hired a Goodwill Individual Placement participant and are very pleased with the addition to their workforce. “We do not see Pamela as a person with a disability,” exclaimed Site Manager Alfredo. “Pamela is always ready to work, on-time, self-driven, positive and engaged with customers.”

We are thankful that Chuck E. Cheese provides work opportunities for our clients to grow in an independent setting. We are committed to supporting community employers with dedicated and well-trained employees.

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Five years ago, Pamela began her journey with Goodwill as a Supported Employment group participant. She worked hanging and tagging merchandise at our Rancho San Diego Retail Store on Avocado Boulevard. She was referred to Goodwill by the San Diego Regional Center. Her job coach recommended her for Individual Placement and coached her through three interviews at Chuck E. Cheese. She secured the position with Chuck E. Cheese and began working at the prize counter. Once she mastered that position, she was asked to take care of the salad bar.

Pamela has earned three pins while working at Chuck E. Cheese, one for working with kids, one for being a good employee and one for completing the showroom certificate. Her favorite part of the new job is working with the public and her new coworkers. She confides that it was a big adjustment moving from a group position with 100 percent job coaching to individual placement with 20 to 80 percent job coaching. She now works independently and a Goodwill job coach meets with her once per week. Pamela shared, “I really love being accepted for who I am and I want to encourage everyone in a (Supported Employment) group to not be afraid to move to Individual Placement.”


Our Imperial Beach Retail Store is located on Palm Avenue and opened in June of 2011. The store boasts 9,350 square feet and employs thirty-two Ambassadors. This location is part of a coastal community that enjoys the outdoors and has a connection to the island of Coronado via Interstate 75. The Imperial Beach Store is currently in the planning stage for an expansion due to be complete this fall. The additional space will offer a greater selection of clothing, furniture, accessories, shoes and household items. Donations accepted at this store daily!