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Winter Accessories – Goodwill Industries of San Diego County

Gloves, beanies and scarves have to be my favorite winter accessories. Keeping my hands and ears warm are an absolute must when I am spending more than 2 minutes outside in the cold. I am a heat monger at heart and will stop at nothing to stay warm. Some of the best accessories this winter are knit beanies with a pom on top, scarves and fun texting gloves. No point in taking off your gloves for a quick text or selfie.

Accessories courtesy of the Goodwill Point Loma Store.

Well, we mustn’t forget our feet. There is a great selection of adorable embellished boot socks and cuffs out there this winter. Boots just do not look the same without a little sock embellishment. Neutral colors work best and a touch of lace or ruffle turns an everyday sock into a darling boot topper. Always try to marry style and comfort for complete success.

Leggings are back this year; lots of patterns and levels of warmth: stretch (fleece-lined, terry-lined and faux fur lined). If you keep it simple, you are sure to get lots of use from your leggings. Pair them with a dress or tunic. I am not a fan of wearing your leggings as a replacement for your denim. They simply are not jeans.

Stay warm out there!