What to Wear for your Job Interview

9 June 2016

It takes less than one second for someone to form a first impression of you. As a result, it is important to create the best impression you can. Even though we may want our personality to shine through our fun and casual attire, it is best to wear traditional formal clothes to a job interview and to look the part. Essentially, our clothes should act as confirmation of what is written in our resume. Although we want to be remembered, we want to be remembered for the right reasons. A conservative, professional outfit or suit can say to the interviewer, “I am competent, capable and reliable.” Being taken seriously at an interview is very important and your appearance can be the needed confirmation.
Recently, Goodwill organized a fashion show at Grossmont Community College highlighting a variety of outfits that would make great impressions for an interview. Check out the video below to see all outfits shown during the show.