It is not too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. I think some of the most memorable gifts I have ever received were made just for me. I have put together a short list of some of my favs:

– A handwritten poem that was full of our special memories. I loved it so much that I framed it and hung it up! The gushier the better. This one is sure to score some big points.

– Custom made gift certificates that can be redeemed by your one true love. Some fun ideas are a homemade dinner, a massage, an evening without phones. What a treat!

– A mason jar filled with his or her favorite candy. Tie it with a pretty ribbon and put a note on it.


– Freshly baked, heart-shaped cookies or chocolate dipped strawberries. Pick up a gently used plate that has a vintage look to it and pile them on.

– Buy a heart-shaped picture frame and add a favorite candid. Put it on your love’s nightstand for a nice surprise. Something they will always enjoy waking up to.

Sometimes, the thought really is what counts.

Happy Valentines Day!