April is Earth Month. When we think about taking care of our earth, we typically think about using less water, recycling plastic bottles and cans, and picking up trash especially on our coastline. We do not often think of reuse and its importance. I recently decided to take on a “reuse” or “repurpose” project.


I purchased a donated chair for $30 and upcycled it. The project really got my creativity flowing and it made me think about all of the products that are out there waiting for a second chance. After I bought the chair I had to decide where I would use it and what I wanted it to look like. I decided that I wanted the chair to be a standout piece in my home. It needed to be super comfy and inviting. I wanted it to be an experience. I decided on a fun animal print. I recovered it and was amazed by the transformation.


This $30 chair now looked like a $700 chair, it is super comfy and very inviting. It became the focal point of my family room and now my family fights to sit in it. I can’t wait for my next project!