I was recently perusing the Spring Fashion Trends for 2016. Trending this spring is the Slip Dress. This is not a dress you slip on, rather it’s a slip you wear as a dress with your favorite “pop of color” shoes. Seriously? If I wore a slip to work, with my favorite red pumps, I wouldn’t be sent home. I would be sent to a doctor for evaluation! No wonder the models look so unhappy.

For all you regular people who have to go to work in the real world, here are some of my personal suggestions and tips for spring:

  1. I know the fashion rule is to not wear white after Labor Day, but black works in any season, and spring is no exception! Black is a slimming color, so I like to pair a black skirt with a “pop of color” top and shoes. If you want to get really crazy, do the opposite. Ooooo, you rebel!
  2. Did I mention black is always good? In fact, black and white is very trendy this spring. A black and white jacket with your favorite jeans and a bright colored top will be a hit for casual Friday. You’ll be a trend setter, and no one will have to call H.R.
  3. Gentlemen, I would never leave you out of the picture. Painted on jeans are not for you this season. If you want to be trendy this spring, think about dad (ouch!). Fleece is in, plaid sports coats, bumbags, bomber jackets, and linens. Dear old Dad seems to be on the mind of every designer this year. Don’t forget your Mr. Roger’s sweater in case it gets cold!

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The above outfit is a great example for a spring outfit. A black and white top, a pair of Paige premium denim (only $9.99!), and red high heels bring a pop of color to this ensemble.


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For men, a a leather jacket for those chilly spring evenings and a light plaid button up shirt creates a cool and casual look. Alternatively, a collared cardigan can add flair to any outfit. Mr. Rodger’s would be proud!

Make sure you check out Goodwill when shopping for your spring fashions. You’ll get great prices, help people get jobs, and support San Diego’s Zero Waste Initiative! Remember; Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

Hope this helps get you started on creating your spring wardrobe for 2016!

Thanks for listening