The holiday season has arrived and what better piece to have in your closet than the essential Little Black Dress (LBD).  If you are in need of a little black dress or your current one needs to be replaced, be sure and shop our Little Black Dress event on December 9 at our Clairemont store.  The all day event has got you covered when shopping for this iconic addition to your wardrobe.  You can visit the store to find the perfect LBD, including designer brands with prices ranging from 10 to 50 dollars. 

Goodwill LBD-01

As the weather gets chillier, this look can easily be paired with some fun winter accessories such as, a chic blazer, a pair of patterned stockings, or maybe something as simple as a brightly colored scarf as an accent piece.  Due to its versatility and simplicity, the perfect little black dress can easily be dressed up or down for a more casual brunch look or an office holiday party.  Try experimenting with jewelry, accent pieces, or even hairstyles to give your look a little something extra this season.  Whatever your personality, by pairing the dress with the right accessories it can be molded to fit your style.

Black Dress Event Glitz n Glam Wall

The LBD was first worn in 1926 by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel when she appeared in Vogue.  The dress was simple and was something that could be worn by women of all social classes.  The LBD has never gone out of style and seems to be just as popular today as when it was first discovered.

Remember to check out Goodwill for a classic staple that can be used year round. 

Happy Holidays!