Job Hunting Over the Holidays

16 December 2015

You might think the holidays are a tough time to be in the job market. I was searching for a job during this time and I never thought I would be successful. Everyone is so busy with preparation for the holidays and year-end accounting, I couldn’t imagine any organization wanting to go through interviews at this time. I had a lot going on too getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas at my house. I considered taking a break from my job hunt, when something amazing happened.

I was at a holiday party and someone asked me where I worked. I swallowed my pride and said I was currently looking for work in the San Diego area. Who would have thought that a holiday party would be such a great networking opportunity? A week later, I got a call from this person letting me know there was a Human Resources position posted at Goodwill Industries of San Diego County (GISD). At the time, the only thing I knew about Goodwill is that they sell used goods and help people with disabilities. I shopped at the stores a lot (I’m a die-hard thrifter!), but I never imagined myself working at Goodwill!

During my application and interview process, I learned a lot about job hunting over the holidays. It turns out a lot of people think like I was thinking and take the holidays off. If you’re in the job market right now, here’s some tips from our own GISD Employment Specialists:

· Many companies have their budgets set for the year and are recruiting for people to start work in January. ~Aurora at the Rancho Bernardo Employment Office and Myriam at the East Vista Way Employment Center

· Looking for work over the holidays shows a potential employer that you’re diligent and you mean business! ~ Sonia at the Rosecrans Employment Center

· Be patient, tenacious and methodical in developing and implementing a job-seeking strategy. ~ Caleb at the Oceanside Employment Center

· If you get invited to a holiday event, GO!! Dress for success, and be ready to share that you are prepared to start work immediately! ~ Recommended by ALL of our Employment Specialists.

Trust me when I say these tips work; I was hired by GISD on December 10, 2012! Keep in mind that Goodwill has Community Employment Centers located throughout San Diego County that can help you with your job search needs. 🙂

Thanks for listening.

Joanna Mueller