Comic Con 2016
July 20-24 at the San Diego Convention Center

We all know that the best way to express yourself at Comic Con is by wearing a do-it-yourself costume instead of a store bought one. Comic Con draws over 150,000 people to San Diego, that’s a lot of people checking out your costume! But if you’re reading this and you still have no clue what you’re going to wear, you should head to your nearest Goodwill Retail Store for some inspiration and inexpensive items!
We know putting together a costume can be a little overwhelming, so you will need a method while shopping for the perfect pieces. We have two tips:
1) Come with an idea of what you want in mind. It could be a certain character, color, theme or fabric. If you have an idea of what you would like to wear, it is much easier to find what you need!
2) Find inspiration from items inside a Goodwill. If you’re browsing around any thrift store you are bound to find a unique item that inspires you! The costume ideas will flow after you find an item you love.
We decided to use tip #2 to search throughout San Diego Goodwill stores and here are a few items we found!
Geisha: While looking through our Goodwill Rosecrans location, we found two amazing button up kimonos. These would make a perfect geisha costume when paired with a paper umbrella, hand folded fan and geisha makeup. Click here to read a step by step on how to transform into a geisha!
7.7.2016 (2)
7.7.2016 (4)
7.7.2016 (3)
Pixie or fairy: These petite and pastel flats are perfect for a fairy or pixie costume at Comic Con 2016! Just add a tulle skirt, corset and wings to create a perfect pixie costume.
7.7.2016 (6)
7.7.2016 (9)
7.7.2016 (8)
Powder Puff Girls: If you’re going to be a trio at Comic Con, the Powder Puff Girls are easy and inexpensive to dress up as! Since all you need is a pink, blue or green dress, you can focus on hair and makeup to truly transform into Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup!
7.7.2016 (10)
7.7.2016 (1)
Princess Leia: The Princess Leia look is the easy to re-create! All you need is loose white clothes, like the hooded dress pictured below. Click here for an article from Vogue listing five steps to create princess Leia’s braided buns.
7.7.2016 (11)
7.7.2016 (1)
Thank you for reading! If you thrift for any of your Comic Con 2016 costumes, be sure to tag us and follow us on Instagram for a chance to be featured! @goodwillsandiego