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Getting Organized After the New Year – Goodwill Industries of San Diego County

Christmas lights, ornaments, tinsel, cookie jars, and wrapping paper. So much stuff is needed to decorate for the holidays. Where do we store all of this stuff the rest of the year? Storage bins are near and dear to my heart because they keep all of my treasures safe and accessible year after year. I color code all of my bins for visibility and easy access. One red bin with a red lid for all of my Valentine’s Day decorations, a tan bin for my Easter decorations, plastic eggs and baskets, an orange bin for my Halloween decorations and green bins for all of my Christmas decorations. Then they are put in sequential order in the rafters of my garage. This creates a little order out of the chaos. I store my wrapping paper in one long bin rather than an upright wrapping paper bin. The wrapping paper bins tend to break and aren’t tall enough for the longer rolls of paper.

And, what do we do with all of the Christmas cards we receive? I place them all into a basket that is kept on our dining room table. At dinner, we pull out a card and pray for the person/family that sent us the card. This is a great way to think of others and enjoy their card all year long. It makes me so happy to remember our friends that we are only in touch with through an annual holiday card exchange.

Are there any special holiday traditions that you would like to share?

Happy Holidays and may your life be filled with goodwill and friendship.