I really enjoy displaying pictures of my family, especially those from vacations and holidays. However, over the years I’ve become pretty creative with how I use displays to tell a story. The next time you are putting together a photo collage, consider the theme. Are you putting together memories from that ski trip (yes, I am)? If so, try incorporating scenes, favorite sayings, etc. into the collage. In my latest masterpiece, I used some really great pictures of the family. But I didn’t stop there. One frame is dedicated to the silly statements that were made during our trip; the ones that we never want to let the speaker live down, or some of the crazy things that happened (like when the selfie stick took 362 pictures before we could get it to stop!). One frame has a short thank you note from my daughter expressing her gratitude for the great experience and for our awesome family. Some frames hold a few physical mementos, like the scarf we put around our snowman.
I don’t buy frame sets either. I get all my frames from Goodwill. The eclectic nature of these frames add to the ambiance and romance of the overall experience.


So, the next time you’re looking at a bare wall, and decide to throw a few photos up, think about how you can tell a story. You’re friends, family and guests will love it!
Thanks for listening 🙂