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Father’s Day – Goodwill Industries of San Diego County

Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 19).

I have been giving this day a lot of thought. Thankfully, I still have time to buy or make a thoughtful gift.

But what do guys really want for Father’s Day? To get a better idea, I decided to ask some of the great Dad’s of Goodwill. I found that the common theme among their answers was “simplicity” — Dads want to spend the day eating their favorite foods and being with the ones they love. Trust me when I tell you that is not all I want for Mother’s Day!

Here is what they said:

I am an old father but I still enjoy spending Father’s Day with my daughters and my 6 month-old grandson. We will go out to breakfast or have a BBQ lunch of carne asada with traditional Mexican fixings. I might receive a gift or two and dessert. The best part is sitting around enjoying the company of family and friends.

I would like to celebrate this day proudly for having a beautiful daughter and becoming a father. It is amazing because it’s my first Father’s day! I always count this as one of the special days of my life because I get an opportunity to express my love and passion I have for my father and his lifetime support for me. The first thing I will do is call my Dad and wish him well on this special day and then I can go for a walk to Del Mar shores and have dinner with my wife and beautiful daughter.

Every day is Father’s Day for me. ’m blessed to have wonderful children! If my son doesn’t “appear” in my bed in the middle of the night, I wake up every morning and walk over to my children’s rooms and I watch them sleep. Watching them sleep and lay peacefully in their beds brings joy to my life. My daughter is very thoughtful. She wants to celebrate Father’s Day weeks before the actual day. I know that when I go to bed the night before the “big day”, I will wake up and there will be a surprise waiting for me. One surprise that never fails is having my son’s foot on my face and my daughter’s knee in my stomach; it’s not because they are beating me up, it’s because they decided to come to our bed in the middle of night to be there with me when I wake up and wish and scream “Happy Father’s Day.” Another gesture from my children is creating a Father’s Day card for me. They both spend a significant time cutting paper, drawing, and coloring to make sure the card astonishes me. Each year, they succeed – they give me great cards!

My daughter knows me quite well. Once we are up, she’ll ask me, “Daddy, what do you want to eat for Father’s Day? Let me guess, chicken wings?” My youngest son follows his sister’s lead, but with a twist. He’ll make a comment like, “Daddy, after we eat chicken, can we go to Ole McDonalds because I want a hamburger and a toy.”

My wife and I have a little boy who is just under one-and-a-half years old. Since fatherhood is still relatively new for me, I am constantly learning on the job. It is definitely a lot of work! We have many sleepless nights, but it’s also the greatest feeling in the world. I have many roles in my life, but “father” is my absolute favorite.

This Father’s Day, I am looking forward to spending the day with my wife and son. I am hopeful that my boy will let his mom and I sleep in (probably wishful thinking). After a quick breakfast, I’d like to pack a cooler with sandwiches and drinks and head on down to the beach…probably La Jolla Shores. We’ll spend most of the day digging in the sand, dipping our feet into the ocean, and kicking around a beach ball. After taking relaxing naps and catching a suitable amount of sunrays, we’ll pack our belongings up and drive over to our favorite Mexican restaurant where we’ll meet up with other family members and some friends. For me, this version of an ideal Father’s Day would be relaxing, fun and spiritually fulfilling.

I am the Father of 2 daughters, one 5 and one 12.
What I like to do on Father’s Day is prepare breakfast for my girls.
Most of the time we are very busy with our schedules so on this day I really enjoy preparing something for them to eat.
I also love barbecuing for the rest of the family.

I believe Father’s Day should be spent at home with the family, as an opportunity to demonstrate how lucky we are to have a place where we can all be together and just enjoy the day.

We hope all dads have a great Father’s Day this year!