Browsing around our Rosecrans Goodwill Store, we were searching for a t-shirt or dress that could use a revamp. With a DIY project in mind, we found an oversized t-shirt dress that matched our vision perfectly!


We are going to show you how you can transform any old t-shirt or stretched out dress into an edgy, and fun top. Through our step-by-step process, you will be able to achieve this quick and easy DIY project.

What you need:

-an oversized t-shirt or dress


-flat surface

-a good eye or a ruler

Step #1:

Lay your t-shirt or dress out, make sure it is aligned and even. Cut your piece a tad below where your ribs would hit. You now will have a top and bottom half.

Step #2:

Looking at only your top half, you are going to cut a small slit. Make sure you still have some fabric where the slit ends like shown.

Step #3:

Taking only your bottom half, you are going to make a slit down the middle. This slit should only be a few inches deep.

Step #4:

Fold the bottom piece in half like shown. Our slit (that we cut in step #3) was located at the bottom right hand corner in this picture. Locate where your slit is. From the top of your slit, cut diagonally so that the slit is the highest point.

We’re almost there! At this point your top and bottom half should look like this picture.

Step #5:

Separate the front and back flaps for your top and bottom half like shown. Take your front two flaps of the bottom half and tie them through the front half of your top.

Completely flip the shirt over. Repeat the tying process for the back side.

The final product!

We loved it so much, we created two different outfit of the day looks with all Goodwill merchandise. This t-shirt dress was revamped into a fabulous top that can be worn for day or night!


Tell us what you think or try it out! We would love to see what you create using your Goodwill finds.

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