Comic-Con is on the horizon and it is time to get your costumes ready! Goodwill makes it easy to come up with a creative costume that will look pristine for less. Think outside the box and browse through your local store to find items that are perfect for a DIY project. We are going to show you how to make an easy Wonder Woman costume!

What You Need:

  • red camisole top
  • blue shorts
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • tape
  • trim
  • table scatter (little stars for shorts)
  • stars


(The three items pictured to the left were from the Dollar Tree. You can buy these items or use items that you may already have at home!


Step #1


Hot glue the stars in any pattern you would like onto the shorts.


Step #2


Hot glue the gold stars onto the camisole, in imitation of Wonder Woman’s belt.


Step #3


Using the red strips, fit them to your head and wrists. When you have sized them correctly, tape them to secure. Then add the stars to the center of the cuffs and the crown.


Superman and Wonder Woman

Browsing through our Goodwill Point Loma store, we came across a Superman t-shirt. This made it easy to create a couples look for Comic-Con! Visit your local store today to find like items or other items for your own Comic-Con costume.