Saving the Environment and Creating Jobs for Our Community, One Donation at a Time

Goodwill is an organization that has been an outlet for repurposing unwanted items in San Diego County since 1930. We take items the community no longer wants or needs and we give them a second life through reuse or recycling. Both efforts successfully divert millions of items from local landfill every year.

Goodwill uses the revenue generated from the resale or recycling of donated goods to fund its employments programs. By donating to Goodwill Industries of San Diego County, you help people in our community get jobs. Help us continue providing independence and pride to thousands of San Diegans by donating to Goodwill in the following ways.

Donate Goods

Donate Goods

Donate Electronics

Donate Electronics

Donate Car

Donate a Vehicle

Donate Money

Round Up or Donate Money

Want to schedule a donation pickup?

Goodwill provides free donation pickup services for large furniture and large quantities of items (corporate donations, pallets, 50+ boxes, etc.). Pickups are not available on demand, which may result in up to a two week wait time. For more details or to schedule a pickup, please contact donations customer service at (619) 225-2200 extension 197 or email us at Representatives are available Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm.

Need help getting your donations to Goodwill?

In addition to our own free service, we have partnered with Dolly to offer an alternative way for donors to drop-off donations. Dolly is a fee based service that allows you to load, haul and donate items, on your schedule. Use the App or to request a pickup truck and Helper with a few short steps to make donating things easy and fast. For more information, please visit



Pounds of Donated Items Recycled


Trees saved through Goodwill’s recycling.


Gallons of water saved through Goodwill’s recycling.